Hatha / Vinyasa / Restorative, in English !

Maggie - La Bulle Yoga

Kind of yoga taught :
Hatha Yoga / Vinyasa Yoga / Restorative Yoga

How would you describe the way you teach yoga, your style ?

Et comment décrirais-tu ta manière d’enseigner, ton style ? I come to class prepared with a clear theme or idea to work with, usually something I am curious about in my own practice. I teach with an element of improvisation, ready to make changes to fit the needs of the class better depending on the abilities and energy of the students. My teaching is simply an offering, one that can be fully accepted or taken lightly like a grain of salt. I hope to impart on my students a feeling of empowerment to make choices about their practice, so they can carry this confidence outside the classroom.

How did you discover yoga ?

I started yoga at a young age as a means for cross training as a dancer. After school, while living in New York I found myself coming back to the practice over and over again. I have always been drawn to the energy of a yoga class. The sensation of individuals practicing together, with attention and synchronized breath is very powerful. This feeling continues to drive my enthusiasm for the work.

Yoga, for you, is… ?

Connecting mind and body to form a union, a practice both on and off the mat that heightens our awareness.

Yoga provides a structure and a practice for maintaining my own well being, so as to be of better service to others.


The asana you love ?

Adho mukha svanasana (downward dog)

Your sound to meditate ?

The wind