Who are we?

Anahi La Bulle Yoga


I discovered yoga about 7 years ago. I was going through a period of intense stress, and yoga provided a welcome lifeline. Now, I practice according to my needs and my whims : sometimes very regularly, sometimes a little less, sometimes to give my body a workout or just to reconnect. It's one of my favorite little joys in life, the secret to a succesful day, one which can end with a mug of hot tea and good tv series under the covers.
I discovered La Bulle and its team a few weeks before the studio opened. We shared the same vision of yoga, and the same desire to create a cosy and considerate space where everyone can feel welcome.
I am the everyday face of La Bulle, in charge of the space - they call me Little Big Smile. My job is to ensure the day-to-day works well, to be the point of contact for the students, the teachers and the rest of the team. Most of all, I make sure that it all goes smoothly and that everyone can enjoy their time in their little bubble.
Solenne La Bulle


I discovered yoga during an Innovation workshop, where the goal was to get out of one's confort zone to increase one's creativity. Yoga allowed me to see beyond certain preconceived ideas, and to learn to recognize my limits. I then practiced yoga in Australia, where the culture is very focused on well-being (long live the surf-yoga-avocado combo!).
Opening La Bulle was a way to bring this sporty, laid-back and balanced lifestyle to Lyon.
At La Bulle, I managed the launch of the project and build our amazing community of teachers. I work to develop the visibility of this beautiful space, and to create partnerships and events - our goal is to give the opportunity to lots of people to (re)discover yoga and the well-being it can bring!
Michael la Bulle


I discovered yoga a few years back while I was working in Brazil. I realized yoga was much more than "just" a way to relax, and it has become for me not only a real athletic endeavour (come try out a Power Yoga class - you'll understand...) but also tool which I use to increase my well-being on several levels: personal (to quiet my mind before a difficult rock climbing route), professional (to deal with stressful projects) and emotional (to become a better person, calmer and more empathetic).

I participated in the creation of La Bulle Yoga, to help this colourful and accessible studio become a reality. Our goal was to introduce yoga to other Lyonnais, but also to provide a space for more advanced yogis to practice.

At La Bulle, I am responsible for supervising the works in the space, for assisting with financing, and helping to find the right persons to help us on various subjects. Apart from La Bulle, I work at La Cordée, a coworking space (which we prefer to call a "working community") which unites people of various backgrounds in spaces to work and share experiences.

Sophie La Bulle


I came to yoga a little by chance, while looking for a physical activity I could easily practice when I need to travel for work. I first practiced in Canada (my home country), and then in France, favouring particularly Vinyasa or Jivamukti yoga. In time, yoga became the perfect supplemental activity to my other athletic endevours, while also giving me the keys to new breathing and concentration techniques that I use in my everyday life. And I keep finding in yoga new challenges, new poses to discover!

In creating La Bulle, we wanted to open in Lyon a yoga studio offering a great variety of classes and types of yoga, for everyone and at any time (well, almost...), in a welcoming space where both beginners and advanced yogis can find their "bubble".

At La Bulle, I participated in the genesis of the project and the opening of our beautiful space. I help with the blog, the boutique and the strategic decisions. In my day job, I am an in-house counsel for a renewable energy company - another topic which I am passionate about (and also good for my karma!).

And the happy crew of teachers at La Bulle!