Our class rates

The curious one
4 classes + 1 free class


Our new offer to help you find your "bubble"!
You get 4 classes, + 1 free class as a welcoming gift from us. This is the perfect way to discover the various types of yoga on offer, and to find out which is the best one for you.

Valid for 6 months, limited to one offer per person


La printanière
10 séances +1 offerte


Pour fêter le printemps, la Bulle vous offre un cours pour faire découvrir le yoga à un ami. Vous choisissez cette offre avec un compte à votre nom et vous nous envoyez le nom de votre ami par mail, au moins 24h avant votre cours, et c'est tout, on s'occupe du reste ! 

 Valable 12  mois une fois par personne

The generous one
Gift cards for 1, 5 or 10 classes

15€ - 60 € - 135 €

Give the gift of well-being.For the holidays, for a birthday or just because you care, give a little serennity to those you love.

Two options for this gift card:

  • web ecard : click on the link below and enter the contact information of the future yogi, including your own email adress to preserve the surprise and tell the chosen offer for the gift card. You will then receive an e-card which you can forward to the lucky yogi!
  • paper card : drop by La Bulle between 1pm and 7pm during the week, and receive your paper gift card.

The Nomad
One class drop-ins


For the yogi who prefers to drop-by occasionnaly, who alternates between various studios,

Yes, you can take a class just once in a while!


The Flexible One
10 classes


10 classes to keep things interesting and discover the variety of classes offered by our studio.

Can be renewed as often as you want.

 Valid for 12 months.

The Passionate One
Unlimited monthly pass


LaBulle is going to become your second home! You are giving yourself a month (or more) to progess - this offer is made for you!

Classes are unlimited for one month.


Can be renewed as you wish, with no commitment


The Organised One
40 classes(1 class each week during 10 months)


You have access to 40 classes, to be used whenever you like during the validity period.

You've found your favorite class? You can use this offer to take it each week for 10 months, if you wish.

 Valid for 12 months